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Marek's lies on building the "Amazon of Africa" and the "Godfather" Saga

Marek zmyslowski - DigitalPlay NG
source: The Guardian Nigeria
About a week ago, on the 14th February 2018, Marek Zymslowski, Founder of HotelOga and Jovago (Now Jumia Travel) made a post on his Medium which started a negative campaign against the Nigerian business ecosystem. It talked about how the Interpol was involved with major influence from a Godfather.

Here's link to a well detailed post by Edmund Olotu, debunking Marek's claims. READ MORE HERE

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Source: TechAdvance
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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Influencer Marketing: Who Deserves the Accolades?

I deserve some accolades! Photo credit: Charles Okocha

Have you paid your dues? Do you deserve some accolades? If you must have accolades, who should give you any? This is a question that has firstly arisen from the current viral phrases 

“I Paid my dues, I deserve some accolades, Give me some accolades.”
Now before you go shouting on the rooftops and on the streets as the controversial campaigner of this viral phrase you might have to stop for a while to ask yourself the questions mentioned above.

New Media and Brands

The gap between the virtual world and the real world is getting thinner. Everyone is digitally enabled, well maybe not everyone but to be fair, 60% in Lagos Nigeria uses a smartphone and for most of you, It has become your first information medium. What does this mean? It means that there is a large consumption in digital content, which has ultimately consolidated digital media houses, also known as New Media such as Linda IkejiKraksTvBellaNaijaPulseInstablog9JaY!Naija to mention the leaders.

credit:Linda Ikeji
credit: krakstv

These media houses have played a role in keeping people like you glued as they continue to serve content in the best context tailored for their target audience, as a reward, they didn’t get accolades. Instead, brands approached them to place ads to be seen by you. Yes, you were the target for brands. 
Guess what happened next;  the audience became more fixated to the entertainment and informative value these blogs offer for free but their behaviour changed when the adverts became overwhelming and literally overtook these infotainment hubs. The media houses couldn’t stop brands because their business must remain profitable with the selling of Ad Spaces.

The Rise of Social Media Influencers

The aftermath was, you turned to social media for information and entertainment, and your social peers began to serve you good content that is either informative, entertaining or thought compelling, yes thought compelling. Once again, you found joy away from the overwhelming Ads and enjoyed what your social media peers turned Social media Icons were dishing and these Icons became the darling of the digital public.

So, this is what happens, you log in to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and search for your favourite profiles and there you stay, looking for the freshest content type you desire. Soon too the brands began to notice the traction, following and support these icons garner and make them an influencer deal in form of subtle advertisements and a lot of you have noticed.

Now, here is the big Question; “Which of these Social Media Icons have won your heart so much that you would follow their directive to make your decision?” let me rephrase: “In your decision-making process, how much input of your social media Influencers come to mind”? 

Are you swayed by the commedian social media icons or the thought compelling ones who have seemed to impress their audience with the kind of rare insights they have in the niche they have chosen?  Whose opinion really count when you want to make that payment?

Would it be Lasisi, Broda Shaggi, Maraji or Fisayo, Ogbeni Dipo and the likes?

Maraji on Instagram

Some have argued that the difference between the thought leading influencers and the comedian influencers can be likened to the difference between Aeschines and Demosthenes. who were two orators in the ancient Greek empire.
Or maybe you are the influencer? The unpaid, unassuming, and un-advertising person who advocates for a brand in the bid to give quality information and advice to the people around them. Do you think you have a greater weight of influence because of closeness in the relationship?
Who deserves the accolades?

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Youtube Monitization Policy, Winners and Losers

It hit the digital space like a tornado when YouTube reviewed their monetising Policy and affected  solely small creators which have less than 1000 subscribers and less than 4000 hours of watch time. This policy is set to kick off on 20th February 2017

This policy means stricter rules for rules for Creators who have been taking advantage of the YouTube AdSense which has allowed them to earn off YouTube.
YouTube created a platform that allows channel owners benefit from the Ad spend of Advertisers.
As much as there is a lot of cries from the small creators via social media, It wasn't really a bad policy depending on whose lens you are wearing. The reality is that some people Won and sadly some lost

Winners of Youtube's Partnership Program:

1. YouTube:

They are the obvious biggest winners. They own the platform, they call the shots. their policy is first beneficial to them as they are not an NGO. They probably did their Math behind scenes, looked at the projections in the future and took their actions

2. Big Channel Owners:

The big channels owners can fairly be said as people who have from a 1000 followers and and more than 4000 view time. Yes people who clocked this figures excat of slightly have above this can really sigh deeply with relief, and thereafter brag a little. The big guns who naturally control lots of traffic like Online TVs, celebrities, Big creators  public figures, and Comedians remains untouched with their earnings

3. Advertisers:

Your guess is as good as mine when you consider advertisers. Advertisers are the ones who technically sponsor the things you see on youtube. They have a chance to be seen by a wider range of audience and therefore will only appear on youtube channels with more subscribers and more watch time views. More value for their money.

4. The YouTube Audience:

We know that channels that are creative and informative with content get rewarded with loads of traffic from the youtube Audience. Even now youtube's algorithm might only promote relevant content on  the channels where advertisers would reach the audience. check the tweet below.


This is not really a competition but from the decisions that YouTube has taken, some class of people were affected.

1. Small Creators:

With YouTube distinguishing between where Ads will appear a and where it wont. Creators who don't get advertisement are now seen as small. They don't get traffic because of lack of great content or low distribution of content. For which loads of them started doing a panic share sharing.

They probably would want to go to another platform to start up but YouTube is the biggest platform.

2. Aspiring Vloggers:

With Youtube's decision a lot of people would be very cautious to go into opening their own channels perhaps they should have started a long time ago.

But not to worry we have given best tips on how to get YouTube views here. Follow the tips and flourish

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How To Get More Youtube Subscribers and Viewers

How to get more youtube subscribers and viewers

Do you have less than a 1000 followers on YouTube? if your answer is yes, it means you were affected by YouTube Monetization Policy.
While you feel very bad about the policy which is going to affect your AdSense income, You should forge ahead with a strategy to getting  more than a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time.

Here we will be giving you tips on getting more than 1000 Subscribers for your Channel.

1. Content and Context:

Content is King It has to be, It must be as far as the digital world is concerned but context us the Kingmaker. Content is the quality of material you have in your video, while context is how you serve this content to your viewers.

Have you heard about R.Kelly's Ignition? chances are, you're more familiar with the remix than the original. The reason is context! The same content but different approach!

Your content might be great but maybe you are not rendering it in the right tone depending on the
 type of Audience you are serving

2. Catchy Title:

Chances are viewers search for videos via title especially tutorials and news videos. A catchy title does almost half the Job. Look for a suitable title for each of your video one that would stir the audience

3. Post Random Videos:

By Posting random videos on your channel especially when your target audience is finding it difficult to locate you. Weather its news or entertainment, just post you will hit a whole lot of people. Don't wait till you have the perfect camera and lighting.

4. Share on Reddit:

Now for a lot of you who have channels on a particular topic. This is the biggest Tip unveiled here. Post your videos on forums like NairaLand, Quora and Reddit. Pay special attention to
Secrets of posting:
1. Register on forums with a different name.
2. Go to rooms with exact topics or similar topics.
3. Post it as though you just found a solution to an issue.

5. Share everywhere:

If you had be so diligent in sharing your channel and links to videos all the time. You might have not been in the situation of begging people to subscribe. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, your twitter followers and of course your WhatsApp Group. Your WhatsApp group is an untapped goldmine of subscribers and viewers. Ask your viewers to share, like, comment and subscribe.

6. Think YouTube:

When you are to make any videos, don't think about any other channel to post it. Think of YouTube, and post there, then share the links to other channels, make sure your thumbnails and your title is very catchy.

7. Post Short Videos:

I cant over emphasise this enough. Nigerians watch Instagram because of its one minute clips. also Nigerians want to save data. So let your content be very direct, keep it short and simple.

8. Entice your Viewers:

Use a bait to get the rat, conduct a give away campaign solely for your YouTube channel. It could be recharge cards or little cash but let keep them on your channel.

If you apply these tips your YouTube channel will flourish.
please share to help others.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

#DMC2017: The Largest Gathering of Digital Marketing Professionals in Nigeria is here!

We are living through a digital revolution and its happening so rapidly that the operating system used to write this article will probably be obsolete by the time the last sentence is written. The ubiquity of smartphones and social media platforms, for example, has transformed how people keep in touch with friends & family and even how consumers relate with brands. This fundamental revolution is changing the way we live, work and relate with one another as individuals and businesses. To keep your pulse on these emerging trends, Digital Marketing Meetup Nigeria an independent body of knowledge formed by a group of digital marketing professionals has taken it upon itself to create a convergent platform that bridges the knowledge gap among digital marketing enthusiasts and experts and also foster a formidable relationship in the field.
Digital Marketing Meetup will be hosting its first conference tagged Digital Marketing Analytics & Its Role in Strategy and Communication on the 25th of November 2017 at The Zone Centre. Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway. This event will bring together digital marketing enthusiasts, strategists, specialists, managers, head of agencies and business owners to learn, network and keep up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies in the digital media industry with the following notable speakers and panellists: Editi Effiong, CEO Anakle Limited, Tomiwa Aladekomo, MD Ventra Media Limited, Oti Ukubeyinje, MD Sponge Limited, Uchechi Nwanejuafor, Business Development Manager Eskimi Limited and other thought leaders in the industry that will be sharing insights and addressing innovative issues related to digital marketing and its application in different business sectors.
Participants will have the chance to network with professionals in the field and also immerse themselves in the cutting edge ideas and trends to get the best result for their businesses and clients.

Are you looking at improving your skills or you want to venture into digital marketing, you cannot afford to miss out on this grand revolutionary conference where the veterans in the industry will be sharing their knowledge and experiences. You are invited to attend the conference. Attendance is free but by registration. 
Proudly Sponsored by Eskimi, Nigeria's largest programmatic advertising platform

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